How To Estimate Any Company's Facebook Ad Spend
Feb 4, 2021
Finally, on any review page of ReviewBolt you'll be able to see the estimated Facebook spend if I have traffic stats on the website.

How is Facebook Spend Calculated?

Again bear in mind that this an estimation. But it takes into account the stats from SimilarWeb on what percentage of traffic
In this case Monday.com gets 15M monthly hits and 3.3% of their traffic is from Social according to similar web.
this is where the estimation comes in..
So we do the following:
var averageFbCPC = 1
var socialShare = 0.5
var estimateFb = 
(0.03 * 15000000) * averageFbCPC / socialShare 
We're estimating that Monday is paying an average of $1 a click and that of all their social traffic half of it is from paid Facebook ad.
The second part is where we take the biggest gamble but I think for now this is not a bad estimation. You should obviously take it with a pinch of salt.
In the future I want to have a charts system so we can all see who are the top estimate of spenders.
Any questions let me know.